boat polish

Boat Polisch/cleaning
Through intensive use and weather influences, such as solar, UV and lime, parts of your boat or yacht ever duller and that causes discoloration and UV radiation has free play. To prevent this, a periodic brushing an excellent option to keep your boat or yacht in optimal condition. .

Brushing your boat

 We go first clean smooth buffing portions with a special gel coat cleaner. Then we go polishing and after polishing we apply a sealer. Your boat or yacht is now smooth and protected. We recommend that you have to wash your boat or yacht periodically with a special shampoo that we can provide.

Polishing and sealing structure and cockpit consists of:IMG_0799

Cleaning polishing Bare share with a special gel coat cleaner
Wash cabin and cockpit, if possible *
The water tap must be present in the immediate area.

Your boat polish we like to do, but because every boat is different and a job can be very different for cosmetic maintenance, we can first see your boat and discuss with you what needs to be done any extra and what it will cost if necessary.